Official Manufacturer and Distributor of Satura® Hair and EOS Skin Products

Numerous clinical trials, research and toxicological studies have been conducted to provide the evidence of the efficacy of the hair and skin care products.

``The Third Way`` . . . the best way . . .

Satura® offers a unique range of Cosmeceuticals that were developed on clear principles and based on a solid foundation which we call ‘The Third Way’ . . . the best way . . .
  • THE FIRST WAY – The most common and commercialised approach to cosmetic production. Focuses on the use of chemically produced substances which can be reproduced in a laboratory, tested and verified.
  • THE SECOND WAY – The natural approach, which strives to meet the demands for a more ecological and organic method, but lacks the scientific integrity often identified with the first way.
  • THE THIRD WAY – The Satura® range is developed by doctors, who, motivated by the real needs of their patients’, wanted to find natural treatments for the skin, hair and scalp which are effective and supported by credible scientific scrutiny.

    Our stimulus was to find highly effective and natural based answers to patients problems stemmed from concerns over the prevalent use of artificial and harsh substances and inadequate long term treatments which often led to more problems than they solved.

    The resulting treatments together comprise the Satura® range of cosmeceuticals, which have established a new niche: The Third Way.

    The Satura® range (developed under ‘GZ Laboratories’) is underpinned by rigorous clinical research and substantiated by successful use by over 10,000 people, who have attained and maintained healthy and beautiful hair and skin without the need to resort to harmful chemicals.

    Satura® has embraced this unique THIRD WAY . . . combining a deep knowledge of medicine and cosmetology along with a profound understanding of ways of harnessing and increasing the effects of natural ingredients.

    The resulting products in our Satura® hair and EOS skin products use essentially wholly natural ingredients with highly effective results and with no side effects or allergic reactions.

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