Satura® Rosta Balm


Triggers the mechanism of new hair growth


This is a 100% natural product (Toxicologically Certified) and is a universal treatment for all types of hair loss.  Satura® Rosta Balm contains only natural live ingredients extracted with an unparalleled technology which preserves all natural properties.

Recommended for:

  • All forms of hair loss
  • The permanent regrowth and thickening of hair

How does it work?

The active ingredients of Satura® Rosta penetrate deeply into the scalp to stimulate hair regrowth for men and woman.  The balm stimulates the genes responsible for hair growth; that way, all follicles are activated.

Satura® Rosta has the following effects:

  • Ceases and prevents hair loss
  • Improves the structure of hairs making them thicker
  • Nourishes hair roots
  • Protects hair from the damaging impact of weather conditions, blow drying and flat ironing, diseases, and other factors

Therefore, the product stops the loss of old hair and helps to grow new ones.

What is Satura® Rosta Balm made of?

The product is 100% (natural) and contains:

    • Oil extracts and infusions
    • Algae extract and micro-elements
    • Vitamins
    • Phytohormones
    • Seaweed extracts

Together, these components penetrate the scalp and nourish the hair roots.  The natural ingredients are made of plants grown by hand – this way, we ensure that their properties remain highly efficient.  After harvesting, we apply advanced extraction processes to reap maximum benefits from the natural ingredients.

Shake the bottle well and pour about 15-20 ml in the measuring cup.  Rub the balm into the scalp with intense massaging circular motions for 15 minutes.

Then, make a compress: Put a waterproof cap or plastic film on the hair, and cover it with a warm cap or scarf. The compress can be left overnight (it should be kept for at least 4-5 hours).

Rinse the balm with a neutral shampoo.

The procedure should be done twice a week. Typically, one course consists of 20-30 procedures. You can combine massage with Satura® Rosta and a “Darsonval” device for improved efficiency.

This product triggers fast and efficient hair growth for women and men – even after one course of 20-30 procedures you will notice positive changes.

Being 100% natural and tested, Satura® Rosta is the best natural hair regrowth treatment for people of all ages.

Think we’re expensive?

We believe that quality matters, especially when it comes to an individuals health.

If you think our products are expensive, here are our top reasons why this is not the case:

  1. We only use 100% natural ingredients
  2. No chemical active ingredients, preservatives, dyes, emulsifiers or parabens are used
  3. Our products are manufactured, by hand, in the UK
  4. No known side effects
  5. All products have full toxicology certification
  6. Tens of thousands of successful treatments carried out across Europe
  7. We offer FREE postage on orders (subject to a minimum spend)

Still not convinced?

Typical treatments using Satura® products takes around 6 months (subject to specific condition) . . . and lasts a lifetime

Many treatments provided by other companies need to be purchased and applied for life

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