About Dr. Galina Zigmond

Dr. Galina Zigmond is a fourth-generation doctor, inspired by her grandfather, who was an internationally-renowned neurosurgeon. Dr. Zigmond shares his enthusiasm for medicine, specialising in the causes of hair and skin disorders.

Along with a lifelong interest in medicinal plants, Dr. Zigmond applied her scientific knowledge to create hair and skin products containing 100% natural ingredients, and dispensed them to patients at her own clinic. As word spread, and reports of hair re-growth and clearing skin conditions increased, other clinics came to Dr. Zigmond, wanting to adopt her methods and treatments in greater and greater numbers.

Every single member of the Satura team shares Dr. Zigmond’s ethos that every problem is solvable because Nature provides the answer to everything. It’s this ethos that is the foundation of every treatment in the Satura range.

Dr Galina Zigmond - GZ Laboratories

Satura® Diagnosis Hub

Since 1989, Satura’s doctors have used their experience in pharmaceutical and cosmetic technologies to become innovators of cosmeceuticals (cosmetic products with therapeutic qualities).

We have developed strong partnerships over more than three decades with doctors, dermatologists, trichologists, clinics and medical centres, resulting in tens of thousands of successful treatments and satisfied customers.

However, we recognise that hair loss can be a very sensitive and emotional issue for those affected by it, and that taking the first step of arranging a face-to-face consultation can be very difficult.

To ease this process, the Satura Diagnosis Hub allows you to submit online information about your condition to our experienced team of medical professionals, headed by the founder and creator of Satura, Dr. Galina Zigmond.

By submitting a written description and/or photographic evidence of your condition, our doctors can assess the most suitable treatment for you and respond promptly with their recommendations.

The information you send will be treated with the highest levels of confidentiality by our highly professional team.

To begin the online consultation process, fill in our form here:

    Any information submitted will be used in the strictest confidence and disposed of when no longer required.