Seaweeds from Cold and Warm Waters

Seaweeds have numerous qualities including vitamins and soluble fibre. They are also extremely rich in minerals including Iodine, Selenium, calcium and iron.
Satura - Natural Ingredients - Seaweeds from cold and warm waters
Satura - Natural Ingredients - Mountain plants and herbs

Mountain Plants and Herbs

These are hardened by the cold, resulting in being fully nutritious. Grown at high altitude the season for harvesting is limited as the plants and herbs become dormant at this time.

Berries from Cold Climates

As with mountain plants and herbs these berries have adapted to survive in extreme conditions and as a result become extremely nutritious.
Satura - Natural Ingredients - Berries from cold climates
Satura - Natural Ingredients - Roots from herbal plants

Roots from Herbal Plants

Autumn is the time of the year that the herbal plants energies are focused back into the roots as they no longer producing leaves and flowers. This is when their medicinal qualities are at a premium.

Seaweeds from Deep Waters

We deep sea dive for some of our ingredients because they are rare and as such are not normally farmed.
Satura - Natural Ingredients - Seaweeks from deep waters
Satura - Natural Ingredients - Vegetable Extracts

Actual Vegetable Extracts

Their flower, colour, texture and nutritional qualities of “freshly” extracted vegetables are key factors and essential to obtain the very best ingredients for our products.

Actual Fruit Extracts

The quality of the fruits are of paramount importance so that our extracts can “perform” to the highest standards.
Satura - Natural Ingredients - Fruit Extracts

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