Uni® Day + Night Cream


Anti-ageing nourishing cream for the face and neck


Day nourishing cream for the face, and neck, for all skin types.

Recommended for:

  • All skin types

Uni® Day + Night Cream is a natural product (Toxicologically Certified).

How does it work?

Uni® Day + Night Cream activates the metabolic processes (water, protein and fat metabolisms) which are impaired when the skin starts to age. The cream both nourishes and moisturises the skin.

The cream contains rare natural plant extracts, oils, vitamins, enzymes and other active ingredients. The high concentration of enzymes and vitamin F significantly generates vital activity of the skin cells, restoring elasticity, resulting in the disappearance of small wrinkles and the prevention of new ones.

Uni® Day + Night Cream also soothes inflamed skin and eliminates irritable and peeling skin. In addition the cream whitens the skin and protects it from ultra-violet light, sunburn and frostbite.

Uni® Day + Night Cream also has anti-inflammatory and wound healing activity


Keep refrigerated

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