Satura® Natural Shampoo


Nutritional concentrate shampoo and conditioner


Cleans the hair and scalp from dandruff, grease and pollution. Improves hair structure and increases the volume. Creates a healthy, long lasting, shine and alleviates static electricity.

Recommended for:

  • All hair types

How does it work?

Satura® Sheer Natural Shampoo removes excessive oil and dandruff without changing the required pH level.

It cleans the scalp without washing off the necessary needed substances produced by the skin for healthy hair growth.

Satura® Sheer Natural Shampoo contains natural cellulose which envelops and restores the hair shafts and by using natural ingredients such as Soapwort Root.

What is Satura® Natural Shampoo made of?

Satura® Natural Shampoo is a 100% natural, toxicologically certified product.

The shampoo contains:

  • Herbal essences and oils
  • Sage and thyme extracts
  • Soapwort root
  • Vitamins and microelements

Pour 10ml of shampoo into the measuring cap provided. Fill the measuring cup with water and apply twice to the hair.

First place half of the full container to the hair, wash and re-apply the remaining liquid.

Note: The second application normally creates more lather and foam.

Think we’re expensive?

We believe that quality matters, especially when it comes to an individuals health.

If you think our products are expensive, here are our top reasons why this is not the case:

  1. We only use 100% natural ingredients
  2. No chemical active ingredients, preservatives, dyes, emulsifiers or parabens are used
  3. Our products are manufactured, by hand, in the UK
  4. No known side effects
  5. All products have full toxicology certification
  6. Tens of thousands of successful treatments carried out across Europe
  7. We offer FREE postage on orders (subject to a minimum spend)

Still not convinced?

Typical treatments using Satura® products takes around 6 months (subject to specific condition) . . . and lasts a lifetime

Many treatments provided by other companies need to be purchased and applied for life

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