Satura® Extra Mix Lotion


Regenerates and strengthens hair roots


Satura® Extra Mix lotion is a remedy that restores and strengthens hair.

It is a treatment for both oily and dry seborrhea.

Recommended for:

  • All types of scalp fungal infections
  • Oily scalp
  • Inflamed scalp
  • Itchy scalp

Satura® Extra Mix Lotion treats fungal infections (Malassezia), calms inflamed skin on the scalp, reduces itching, normalises the function of fatty glands, strengthens hair roots and has a positive effect on the entire structure of the hair.

Depending on severity of the condition apply once or twice a day.

Use 20 to 30 drops on to the scalp and lightly massaging the hair.

The course of treatment is normally between 4-6 months.

Think we’re expensive?

We believe that quality matters, especially when it comes to an individuals health.

If you think our products are expensive, here are our top reasons why this is not the case:

  1. We only use 100% natural ingredients
  2. No chemical active ingredients, preservatives, dyes, emulsifiers or parabens are used
  3. Our products are manufactured, by hand, in the UK
  4. No known side effects
  5. All products have full toxicology certification
  6. Tens of thousands of successful treatments carried out across Europe
  7. We offer FREE postage on orders (subject to a minimum spend)

Still not convinced?

Typical treatments using Satura® products takes around 6 months (subject to specific condition) . . . and lasts a lifetime

Many treatments provided by other companies need to be purchased and applied for life

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