Satura® B-Complex Lotion


Improves the structure of the hair roots and shafts


Do you have dry, damaged, and fine hair? Want to improve the structure and add strength?

Consider Satura® B-Complex Lotion – an innovative hair treatment for damaged hair.

Recommended for:

  • Elimination of fuzzy and fly-away hair
  • Improvement of fine hair structure from roots to tips
  • Damaged hair repair

How does it work?

The treatment helps increase the antioxidant and regenerative properties of the scalp and hair.

Satura® B-Complex Lotion increases the immune properties of the hair and has a strong holding effect.  The lotion also has an anti-static effect and protects the hair from the influences of the environment.

The Satura® B-Complex Lotion allows you to give up the use of chemical hair sprays, preventing the accumulation of harmful chemicals in the hair.

For best results Satura® B-Complex Lotion should be used daily.  Simply spray on to the hair shafts as desired.

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